high voltage eggMaking wishes at the time of the New Moon is as old as time, and as new as a waxing Crescent. Having made it through the dark of the Moon, our hearts lift as we feel her return. When we garden by the Moon, we plant when she is New. This applies to the garden of our desires as well as gardens of earth.

A lunar way of setting intentions flows better for me than will-based affirmations and the idea that we alone create our own realities. I experience life as co-created, a space in which every being influences life.

When we partner with life, our yearnings, our wishes, will manifest … sometimes in unexpected ways. Working consciously with the Moon brings opportunities for clarity and aligning ourselves with larger patterns.

Making wishes with the New Moon is a yin way of working. The Moon is yin to the Sun’s yang, and the New Moon is the yin part of the lunar cycle. As each point of this duality holds its opposite within, so this most yin time holds the greatest potential for bringing new things to light and to life.

The keys are:

• wait until after the New Moon is exact

• align your wishes with the energies of each New Moon and your birth chart

• create wishes that resonate with your heart––if it doesn’t feel right, rephrase

• make your wish and release it to the Moon and the cosmos.

If you feel drawn to ritual, making your wishes can be accompanied by any form of ritual that speaks to you. Molly Hall, writing at About Astrology, often includes ideas for moon rituals with her New Moon posts. Dana Gerhardt at Mooncircles also offers ritual ideas as well as meditations for New Moons.

butterflyYou may see the effects of your wishing as early as the Full Moon after the New, or they might unfold over the next six months as the Moon reaches a Full Moon in the sign of the previous New Moon.

Sometimes, of course, life does not unfold as we expect, and this too is part of the Moon’s wisdom. Whatever happens, becoming aware of the Moon’s cycles and patterns brings gifts of its own.

To understand how a particular New or Full Moon affects you, study your birth chart. (If you don’t have one, check out my Astrology Resources page for where to get one.) Look around the outer rim of the chart and find the symbol that matches the New or Full Moon. The line where that sign appears is the opening into the House this New or Full Moon rules in your chart.

The House in which the New or Full Moon appears tells you which area of life will be most affected. Molly Hall at About Astrology offers some guidelines on how Moons will touch the Houses.

Also check which planets and points you have close to each Moon (add 5 degrees on either side of the Moon position). These will be hot spots in your chart for possible New Moon wishes and intentions, and Full Moon illuminations.