Lubok ZodiacInterested in learning more about astrology?

First, get a copy of your birth chart. Astrology is much more intriguing and fun when you’re applying it to your own life. With a chart in front of you, terms, concepts and examples are clearer.

The easiest option for getting a free birth chart is the Swiss website Astrodienst. The page for entering your birth data is here, but the whole site is worth exploring, There are lots of articles by top astrologers for beginners and advanced readers.

When you’re ready to dive in, try these resources:

The Mountain Astrologer is a great astrology magazine now available as an online subscription. Their website also offers lots of articles and links, including a whole series on the basics of astrology including:

1. The Signs of the zodiac
2. The Modes and elements
3. The Planets
4. The Birthchart as a map (I suggest starting here, to get the overview before the details)
5. The Houses in the chart

… and more. This is good, solid information that might feel a bit like a textbook. Since the articles are all there online, you can read and re-read as often as you like. More of the details will stick each time.

The Sun, Rider-Waite-SmithCafe Astrology is an easy-to-use website that also offers lots of resources. Articles introducing the signs, planets and houses are also available, as well as brief interpretations for the planets through the signs and houses. The information here is good, as long as you keep in mind that interpreting one planet at a time will always give a limited picture. We’re influenced by all of our chart together, as a symbiotic whole.

Deborah Houlding’s Skyscript is a comprehensive astrology resource that dives into the history and traditions of astrology while offering overviews of signs, planets and houses. If you want your introduction complete with references back through the Renaissance and the Middle Ages, all the way to Babylonian times, this is the site for you.

More at Astrodienst:

Liz Greene, whose psychological astrology does much to define this approach, offers the First Steps in Astrology series as well as more advanced articles. Dana Gerhardt, one of my personal favorites among astrologers today, has a series of excellent articles covering the houses and planets as well as a special series on the Moon, and additional articles on Venus.

Enjoy learning about astrology!