New Moon in Gemini: What We See

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Glass Tears by Man RayOvernight on Saturday, June 4, the New Moon in Gemini arrives. This will happen at 4 am, June 5 in Ireland (where I am now), 11 pm, June 4 on the East Coast of North America, 8 pm on the West Coast, and so on. Gemini loves having lots of ball in the air, which is good, because with this New Moon, we will be juggling!

Gemini is mutable Air, the sign that transitions from Spring into Summer. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is a quick, clever sleight-of-hand artist. This sign can go a mile a minute and never stop, jumping from topic to topic, project to project, conversation to conversation. Gemini excels at networking, lateral thinking, and creative problem solving. Gemini was made for social media.

A Gemini New Moon is a great time to plant seeds for creativity, cleverness, and thinking outside the box. Now let’s toss a few more balls into the air.

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This Gemini New Moon is conjunct Venus, a very tight conjunction that happens just before Venus reaches her superior conjunction with the Sun. This is a transitional time in the Venus cycle as she switches from being the morning star to being the evening star. Right now, she is moving quickly, so close to the Sun, we can’t see her. Like the Moon, Venus is invisible. But she is there, adding her grace, charm, and artistic sensibility.

New Moon in GeminiThese three––Sun, Moon, and Venus––will trigger a mutable Grand Cross by completing the T-square of Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn. This is a big deal, because this T-square is possibly the most important pattern of 2016, certainly of this Summer.

What’s happening with Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn? Peek at the New Moon chart to see Jupiter and Neptune across from each other. They’re in opposition, which might deepen our spirituality, expand our compassion, or lead us into delusion.

Saturn is squaring them both, creating the right angle of the T-square. He might put the brakes on any expansion, add cynicism to our compassion, or challenge our delusions with a few reality checks. One look at the news will offer examples of each of these options, although we naturally think we are being spiritual and compassionate, and the other guy is delusional.

All of this is happening in the middle of the mutable signs: Jupiter at 14 Virgo, Neptune at 12 Pisces, and Saturn at 14 Sagittarius. At the New Moon, we’ll see Sun, Moon, and Venus at 14 Gemini, and, vóila! a Grand Cross in the four mutable signs.

This New Moon is all about what we see. Gemini is language, which starts with thought, which begins with perception. Actually, it’s more circular than that. The language we speak frames our thoughts, by creating the structure of our expression. And perception influences and is influenced by what we think. How often do we see what we expect, rather than what is there? With Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Venus all strongly aspecting the New Moon, we have multiple viewpoints, varying perspectives.

The Treachery of Images by MagritteLet’s look at the layers and consider our options.

Venus is conjunct the New Moon. Beautiful language, creative expression, and harmonious thought can all be part of our New Moon wishes.

Saturn opposes the New Moon. Gemini loves the new, the unique, the quirky. Saturn is all about tradition, the way things have always been. Will this be a face off between Captain Hook and Peter Pan? Or will Saturn be the wise counselor?

Jupiter squares the New Moon. He could blow things out of proportion, leading distractible Gemini into over-the-top silliness. Or he might add the dose of confidence Gemini David needs to challenge a Saturnian Goliath.

Neptune also squares the New Moon. She could lead Gemini down a primrose path wearing rose-colored glasses. Or she might open Gemini’s eyes to new ways of seeing. I’m currently in the middle of Steven Forrest’s new Book of Neptune, which I am liking a lot. Forrest sees Neptune as the threshold between our familiar solar system and the trans-Neptunians, between our usual ways of understanding reality, and those other realms of experience we can connect to, if we choose.

Language Is Not Transparent, 1999It’s natural for me to focus on Neptune. This Gemini New Moon is ruled by Mercury. In my birth chart, Mercury and Neptune are conjunct. For me, Mercury/Gemini leads to Neptune, and Neptune leads to Mercury. So my New Moon wishes will give more emphasis to Neptune’s possibilities. They might sound like this: May my perceptions widen to include other realms and ways of knowing. May my intuition and similar senses grow stronger.

If I felt there were areas in my life where I was being delusional, even just a little bit, I could create a Saturn-influenced wish: May I see my reality clearly, and not be seduced by what I wish to be true. Or, thinking of Saturn as the wise counselor: May I be willing to put in the time and effort to understand all aspects of this issue of concern to me.

If I am feeling uncertain, unsure, or facing strong challenges, I might focus my wishes on Jupiter: May I feel confident in my understanding and strong in my expression, able to state my position clearly in the face of opposition.

Each example focuses on the relationship of one planet in the T-square to the New Moon, without ignoring the others. Since we’re not limited to a single wish, and Gemini loves multiples, we can have them all. We could wish for the intuition to choose winning lottery numbers, the confidence we can win, and the understanding that this might be delusional when we go over our lottery ticket budget. You get the idea.

As always, check your birth chart. Anything you have in the middle degrees of any sign, but especially in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), will be directly affected by this New Moon. Think about your wishes and intentions in advance, but wait until the New Moon arrives to make them. My New Moon Wishes page offers guidelines for this process.

Whatever our specific focus, this New Moon will challenge our current ways of seeing. In so many ways, our world is compelling us to rethink, re-imagine, reinterpret. Now more than ever, we need to see with new eyes. This year’s Gemini New Moon invites us to do exactly that.