AsakoEguchiMoonWelcome! Astrology is one of many intuitive languages that help us live passionately and creatively. Western astrology draws on ancient archetypes and magical traditions, offering connection to deep patterns immediately relevant in our lives.

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I offer a variety of readings:

If you’re not familiar with your birth chart, our first session should be a ❊Birth Chart Reading❊ Understanding the patterns in the birth chart is the foundation of astrology. I will explain those patterns clearly, so you can dive in on your own through reading, meditation, journeying, or whatever approach suits you best. Your birth chart is a gateway.

❊Transit Readings❊ look at what’s happening in the sky now and how that affects you. This reading offers insights into why things are unfolding in a particular way, what energies will be affecting you into the future, and what positive options are available.

The Sun, Rider-Waite-SmithYour ❊Solar Return Reading❊ is a special transit reading for your birthday. Each year, the Sun returns to the exact position it was when you were born: your solar return! This reading offers key themes for the year, beginning about two months before your birthday and then transitioning into the next solar return as your birthday draws close again. This helps you focus on what lies ahead this year.

I also offer a ❊Moon Reading❊ focused on the Moon in your birth chart, the Nodes of the Moon and what they reveal about your unfolding life path, and the progressed Moon. Secondary progressions are a way see how your birth chart unfolds through time, and are particularly intriguing for the Moon. The Moon is a strong feminine archetype; my work with her is linked to goddess spirituality. If you’re exploring your feminine side, curious about goddesses in astrology, or fascinated with the Moon, this session will intrigue you.

My newest reading is a  ❊Shamanic Journey Reading❊ which combines guided journeying with chart analysis and discussion. In this session, we’ll explore an issue of concern to you by first looking at what the charts have to say, then journeying to one or more planets to ask directly for information and guidance. No experience with shamanic journeying is needed, although it’s best to have some familiarity with your birth chart. This session is wonderful for deepening your understanding of your chart, and opens the door to relationships with planet archetypes as allies and guides.

DSC_0149smAstrology is a way to learn more about ourselves, one of the ways the universe speaks to us. The more we know, the more options we have, and the better our choices will be. I don’t see astrology as deterministic, or controlling. We choose every day how to live, and those choices create our path. Exploring your chart offers insight into patterns in your life, with new perspectives on how to reach your goals.

I draw on archetypal, evolutionary, and humanistic astrology, as well as mythology and psychology. My shamanic practice supports everything I do.

I’m available to read in person, or via Skype, a free internet-based voice service that is easy is download and use. Through Skype, I can record our session, then make an mp3 audio file available for you to download. All charts will be sent to you as jpg files via email.

Phone calls are also possible, but I am not able to record calls on my iPhone.

Readings usually run about 90 minutes, and cost $85.00 US. For online readings, I accept payment via PayPal (preferred) or personal check. Contact me for more information, or to arrange your reading.

I look forward to exploring astrology’s intuitive language with you!

Mary Pat Lynch, PhD

To order a reading via PayPal, click here: