Supporting Rising Moon Astrology

Each New and Full Moon, I write and record an overview. Each one describes the patterns of each Moon chart, the energies available, and how we can work with them to reach our goals.

I’ve been blogging about the Moon since 2008, recording since 2014, and created the Rising Moon Astrology Podcast, available through iTunes, in February.

New Moons invite us to plant seeds of wishes and intentions. Full Moons offer illuminations. Between these two, are the Quarter Moons, when the Sun and Moon square each other.

At tomorrow’s First Quarter Moon, we’ll get a first look at how our wishes and intentions from the last New Moon are taking shape. I am helping nudge my own New Moon wishes by sharing a new option for supporting Rising Moon Astrology.

One goal for this calendar year is to bring Rising Moon Astrology to a wider audience and build a stronger base of support. The podcast is one big step in that direction. I would love it if you subscribed and rated my podcast!

Another big step toward this goal is my creation of a Patreon page for Rising Moon Astrology. Patreon is a platform that allows each of us to support creators who are doing work we value and enjoy. Pledges can be very small or larger, and rewards are offered at each pledge level.

To learn more about Patreon itself, go HERE.

To see the Rising Moon Astrology page at Patreon, go HERE. This is where you can see the pledge levels and rewards I’ve designed. All Rising Moon patrons will receive an introduction to each First Quarter Moon, including the one arriving tomorrow.

Rising Moon blog posts and the podcast as available free of charge. Creating them takes time and resources. I invite your support!