Full Moon in Taurus: Take Care

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The Moon looks full tonight, but arrives exact tomorrow, Tuesday, October 27, at 8:05 EDT, just about sunrise. This is the Full Moon in Taurus, another Supermoon, third in a row this Fall, and extra-bright in the night sky tonight … Continued

New Moon in Leo: Phoenix Rising

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New Moon, Leo, tomorrow: Lots of Fire! Creative fire, the fire of passion, the light inside our chests that wants so much to shine no matter how many baskets we put over our heads. And today, something new: I’ve recorded … Continued

New Moon in Gemini: Act!

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Tomorrow morning, the New Moon in Gemini arrives trailing clouds of glory and possibly setting off a few fireworks––this is Gemini, after all, Mercury’s daytime sign. Mercury is traveling direct now, but he’s still the god of pickpockets and fast … Continued