New Moon in Pisces: Afterburner

high voltage egg Tomorrow’s New Moon in Pisces arrives 13 hours before the Equinox, when the Sun enters Aries, and comes with a Full Solar Eclipse. With the Moon at perigee, this is also a Supermoon, so, a lot is going on. Understatement.

A few of you may have noticed that this week has been rather intense. The last exact Pluto–Uranus square, this past Monday, made sure we noticed whatever it is we most need to be know––in some cases, by blowing it up in our faces. This is not a Bad Thing; it’s an Opportunity. We’ve had many opportunities lately, and might be wondering how many more we can stand.

This New Moon can help! Pisces is a visionary, spiritual, very connected sign; the last, most inclusive, most expansive sign of the Zodiac. Many of what’s been shared about this New Moon focuses on this cosmic aspect: How our intuitive perceptions will increase, how we can connect. All that is true, and I want to talk about something completely different: thrust and power.

This New Moon happens at the end of the end of the end: The final degree, called anaretic. This is a very intense point in any sign, as it reaches the culmination of its energy just before releasing into the next. In Pisces, this is also the omega point. This time, we have the whole wheel of the Zodiac behind us, the completion of a cycle.

New Moon March 20, 2015 Pisces is also about loss. It’s about things that are taken from us, but more importantly, it’s about things we let go of willingly, joyfully, with relief, gratitude and hope.

My suggestion for this New Moon is to focus your intentions and wishes on things you want to release. Several powerful cycles are coming to completion now, if not for always, then at least for this loop of the spiral. When that happens, we learn, we reassess, and we change.

We’ve been through the intensity of the Pluto–Uranus squares since 2012. We’re not out of the woods yet, but the final exact square happened this past week, and the energy around this polarizing, in-your-face set of squares will slowly begin to wane. We’ve been forced to clarify our positions, decide which sides of various fences we’re on, and take stands. What can we now release from this? What baggage are we finally done with?

This New Moon is also a solar eclipse, and eclipses happen in cycles. The cycles are called saros cycles, lasting roughly 18 years and repeating over millennia. Every eclipse in the same saros happens in the same part of the sky, and roughly the same time of year. Each time we return to this point, we look back to where we were at previous points in the series, and see how this new point might relate. This eclipse is called Saros 120, and began in AD 933, which is a bit farther back than most of us can remember. Saros 120 lasts until 2195, when we’ll all be on to something else.

What about more recent points? Mine suggest I am truly at a gateway, a turning point, although I admit I can’t see what it will be yet.

The last eclipse in this cycle happened in March 1997, which is around the time I began studying shamanic journeying. That’s been a life-changer, for sure. The one before that was February 1979, which is when I decided to leave the study of anthropology, which I loved but in which there were very limited chances of finding work, and go back to Bloomington to figure out what to do next. Another huge shift in my life.

Equinox March 20, 2015For all these reasons, we’re in a place where we’ve collected a pile of stuff to let go of, and we have the energy to do it.

We need to do this because this New Moon comes 13 hours before an intensely fiery Spring Equinox, in which the Sun moves into Aries with the Moon, South Node, Uranus, Mars, and the asteroid Eris. With Jupiter and Saturn also in Fire signs, it’s time for a personal bonfire of the vanities.

Let’s load the afterburner.

We’re sitting in a rocket ship, ready to lift off into a higher orbit than we’ve ever tried for. The afterburner is the special part of our engine that will turbocharge our exit. It burns hot and fast, and uses a lot of fuel, giving us the power we need to break out of our old orbit. What better fuel than all that old gunk we’re done with?

Look over what’s come up this last week. Consider also what’s been coming up since 2012. Then check back on where you were the last couple of times in Saros 120. Of course, also check where this New Moon falls in your birth chart by House and sign, but with an eclipse, this is a Moon that carries energy for a long time to come and affects everything.

Decide what intentions you can set, especially about where to let go. Make that wish, ask the potent cosmic Pisces energies to help lift those things away. Then fire those engines and take off!