New Moon in Capricorn: Stone and Bone

Knowth Passage
the passage at Knowth, Ireland (Mary Pat Lynch 2014)

The Sun stands still; the Moon is hidden: This turning of the year comes with deeper dark and a longer held breath than usual. Solstice and New Moon together pull us into a still point.

Close your eyes a moment. OK, yes, I know you have to read this first; then close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a place of stone. Massive shaped boulders around you, wall and corbelled vault. Dark so complete if you did open your eyes, you could see nothing, not even your hand in front of your face.

There is no sense of doom here, no danger of collapse. You are held; you are safe. Breathe.

That profound sense of peace in darkness and quiet is where we are in this Solstice New Moon. Four personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus) in Capricorn. One outer planet (Pluto), one asteroid (Vesta), also Capricorn. That’s a lot of earth, a lot of stone, a lot of bone.

We’ve been waiting in the darkness of this stone place a long while––all night, in fact. It feels good, yet even though it’s just as dark as before, we feel a shift. Maybe our skin senses a change in temperature, or a small movement of air.

Oh! Then! The light! Light walks into the darkness. Bold, bright, golden light. Suddenly, everything changes, everything shifts.

Newgrange spiral (Mary Pat Lynch 2014)

The light, the shift––this is Uranus in Aries, the awakener, the revolutionary. This is Jupiter in Leo, the philosopher king. They are here at this Solstice New Moon to turn the corner and wake us up. If your eyes are still closed, open them now.

What has changed? What feels different? Feel your way into the shift (there will be one, even if it seems small at the moment.) Which direction is the light shining? What is being illuminated? Look here for your New Moon Wishes!

Every New Moon offers a time to plant seeds to bear fruit at the Full Moon. This time, we’re standing on the threshold of a powerful doorway opening into the coming year, and, with the Pluto–Uranus square, the rest of our lives. Capricorn is strong, responsible, committed, hard working––send those energies to support goals you are ready to put your energy into but know will take blood, sweat and (possibly) tears.

New Moon December 21, 2014With Mercury involved, mental discipline and practical thinking are available. With Venus involved, relationships get a reality check, we can see where giving and receiving are unbalanced, and we’re ready for change. With Pluto, well, everything’s on the table. Transformation is underway.

 The New Moon arrives this evening, a few hours after the Solstice, at about 8:30 pm Eastern. Throughout today, we’ll approach the doorway, walking in the dark, yet knowing in our bones we are supported by ancestors and allies who wish us well and have walked this path before.

This is not a frightening time. It is a trustful time. When the good dark comes, we see with inner light. We have access to recesses of soul hidden at other times. With Capricorn so strong, the ruler of this New Moon (and ruler of every Solstice) is Saturn, lord of boundaries. He also stands still today, hanging at the Scorpio threshold, the intense anaretic final degree of Pluto’s sign of deep transformation.

We are invited to welcome the dark today, knowing with utter certainty the light will come. Close your eyes.

10 Responses

  1. sandy

    We went to Browning Hill today, Indiana’s Stonehenge…. how appropriate given the Capricorn energy

    • RisingMoon

      Sandy, I don’t know about Browning Hill! I’d like to, though.

  2. SaraMalik

    Mary Pat…. thak you for your wisdom words about this powerful and positive dark night. I loved seeing your photos, as i was in both spots 7 also took beautiful photos…I like the connection. With my own natal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus in Capricorn 12th h.)… am feeling the strength of this Solstice.

    • RisingMoon

      Oh, I bet you are, Sara! It’s strong for me too: North Node and Mars in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto and Venus today, and the New Moon squares my Sun and trines my Moon!

  3. Luci

    Oh, Mary Pat, this is a really lovely piece of writing … and you really MUST visit Browning Hill (or “Brownie Mountain” as I’ve heard it called). It’s outside Story, in Brown County, and there are amazing huge pieces of limestone on TOP of the hill, along with lots of trees with spirit marks on them. A holy place for Native Americans.

  4. Janice M

    Wonder! And I too have been to Newgrange and Knowth. It’s amazing to be there and witness these ancient structures and feel the connection to times and people past and present.

    • RisingMoon

      I am hoping to visit again, Janice … sometime soon(ish)