New Moon in Aries: Restart

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SUNBURST 1New Moons are about new beginnings, births of all kinds. Aries, too, is about birth, initiation. Combine the two, tomorrow’s New Moon in Aries, and we’ve got a supercharged start up, inviting us––challenging us––to grab for the brass ring.

This isn’t a competition, though, but a call to our personal best. What is that thing you always wanted? Not “I want to do this before I die” but “I want to do this to live!” What’s that thing that would be so exciting you would know you were completely, totally alive and awake?

The New Moon, set your sights on that thing.

Like all New Moons, this will be a dark time. Whatever we wish for, it won’t land in our laps the same day. Make the wish anyway, set the intention, and believe. Then, take action. Aries is always about action. Thought is action, thought is the impetus, the driver. And feeling. Aries is Fire, which is drive, libido, life.

New Moon April 18, 2015The last years, and especially the last months, have been for many of us times to grit our teeth and get through, hoping we are still here when the dust settles. At this New Moon, we can open our eyes. The dust is settling, There’s a new landscape emerging from the fog, and we’re in it.

Where are we? Do we like it? If not, how to we get somewhere else?

Aries is all about me––or you, and your chart. It’s the sign of the individual. This is a very individual New Moon, as there are no major aspects to other planets. So we can focus on ourselves, really checking in to see where we are, how we are. It’s OK. Not selfish, but essential. We’ve been through a lot.

Venus is making a lovely trine to the North Node of the future, lending creative possibilities to whatever we’re focusing on. Since she’s in Gemini, there are likely several balls in the air. Aries can handle it!

Check your chart: Where’s your Aries? This New Moon is in my Ninth House of journeys, all kinds of journeys, and I’m ready to see where I’m headed next.

Since this is a personal New Moon, we look to ourselves. Here’s two examples of how that’s coming up for me:

There are some habits I want to change. (Eating too many cookies being one!) I’m finding that saying ‘no’ to myself doesn’t work well. So, in the spirit of the independent Aries New Moon, I’m setting the intention avoid ‘no’ and say instead ‘I want to make a different choice.’ That feels better.

Second, as the pressure has come off the intense aspects that have affected my chart, and as Spring has sprung in glorious earnest, I am finding myself feeling happy. Really, really happy. It’s not as if the issues I’m working on have magically resolved: They are all still there, waiting for me to roll up my sleeves (again). But my mood is light, sometimes downright joyous.

At this Aries New Moon, with wildflowers and birds rioting all around me, I’m going with the happy. I want to make a different choice!

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  1. Becky


    I ALWAYS look forward to your post and checking in with how I am feeling with connection as to what’s happening!! Since my sign IS Aries– does that have a special meaning that the New Moon is Aries??? Just wondering

    • RisingMoon

      When you sent this, Becky, I couldn’t get online and sent you a private reply but yes: Sun in Aries makes any New or Full Moon in that sign more “you.” Exactly how that works would depend on your chart and the Moon chart, but you’ll always feel it more when it’s your Sun sign. And thank you for following my posts!