New Moon in Aquarius: Stepping into a Bigger Self

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A Nepalese Sadhu paints his face for Maha Shivaratri in Kathmandu
A Nepalese Sadhu paints his face for Maha Shivaratri in Kathmandu

What can I say about tomorrow’s New Moon? It is visionary, magical, compelling, iconoclastic, and liminal. This New Moon is Super, and arrives at the Chinese and Tibetan New Year, and immediately after Sivaratri. So many visions and ways of being coming together!

The second New Moon in Aquarius, this one calls us again into a new, truer vision of who we are and what our lives are to be. This New Moon teeters at the very edge of Aquarius, the final, powerful, anaretic degree and minute––so much so that two minutes after the New Moon, both Moon and Sun dive into the Pisces ocean.

New Moons are about planting seeds, making wishes, setting intentions not for what we will, but for what we wish to co-create with the cosmos. And here is the cosmos, in the energy of Pisces, arriving to help. This New Moon calls us to step through the gate, cross the threshold, into a larger vision.

On the hero’s journey, the first step is … the first step. When, like Bilbo Baggins, we leave our safe hobbit hole and let the road take us. When Harry Potter finds his way through to Platform 9 3/4. Once that first step is taken, all bets are off and anything can happen, and will.

New Moon February 18This New Moon sits exactly between Uranus and Pluto as they continue to square each other, adding fuel to that transformational train we’re on. There’s a square to Saturn in Sagittarius too, a challenge to expand our vision, think deeply and responsibly about our philosophy of life, the universe and everything. (Hint: the answer is not 42.)

In Chinese cosmology, last year we rode the wild and crazy Wood Horse. Many new energies, and not all well controlled. This year, we slow our pace with the Wood Sheep (or Ram). The creative pulse of Wood is still there, but instead of the careering Horse, we have the steady, patient (and also stubborn) Sheep. We will have time to reflect, to put down roots, to build.

The deep spirituality of the Wood Sheep is signaled by the Piscean energy that will surround us for the next month or so, as the Sun reaches his annual conjunction with Neptune, in the sign she rules.

At this New Moon, we sit with Mary Oliver’s question, in her poem The Summer Day:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Amazingly enough, Mars and Venus sit together at the end of Pisces, ready to burst into Aries very soon. There are energies here of dormancy, mystery and silence (Pisces) and birth, renewal, and exuberance (Aries). First one, then the other, and how long each will last depends on us and our charts.

For some, the seeds we plant at this New Moon may take time to grow and push their way into the light. For other, the new thing may flame up right away. Of course, both may happen, as we can make as many wishes as we need to!

But whatever those wishes are, make them true––true to yourself and the world you want to co-create. The energy of this New Moon will demand no less.