Full Moon in Virgo: We’re Not in Kansas Any More

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toto-i-ve-got-a-feeling-were-not-in-kansas-anymoreMonday, February 22 brings the Full Moon in Virgo at 1:20 pm EST. This sounds doable, right? Virgo is a straightforward, practical sign. As long as those ducks line up nice and neat, Virgo is happy and makes everybody sandwiches.

Well, no. The Moon is in down-to-earth Virgo, but the Sun is in ethereal, cosmic Pisces. The Moon will try to stay grounded while the Sun, opposite (as always at a Full Moon), pulls her into a mystical dreamworld. And at this Full Moon, the Sun has a lot of extra pull. Neptune and Ceres are close to the Sun, also in Pisces, opposing the Moon.

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This Virgo Moon is like a young girl from a small farm in Kansas. Across from her are big forces: a star, a giant foggy planet, and an asteroid. They pull, they entice, they make extravagant promises. Before you know it, we’re not in Kansas any more. Full Moons illuminate. This Moon holds on to all her Virgo qualities, finding them bathed in the cosmic energies of Sun + Neptune + Ceres in Pisces. This can go in two main directions.

Full Moon February 22, 2016One, Virgo stays in her most grounded, practical self, soaking up the creativity, lyricism, and mystical spirituality of the planets opposite her, turning that lovely, amorphous energy into something real and beautiful and meaningful.

Two, Virgo slips into her anxious, who-moved-my-cheese self. The flowing energy of all that Pisces becomes uncertainty, feels threatening, overwhelming. Cats won’t be herded; ducks won’t line up; this is bad.

We have both options. I think you can guess which I recommend.

This Full Moon falls at 3 degrees of Virgo. Where does Pisces begin in your birth chart? This is a place where you experience poetry, mysticism, and uncertainty. Across from Pisces, you’ll find Virgo in your chart. If Pisces is the forest, Virgo is the trees. These two complement but can also irritate each other. Notice if you have any planets in Virgo or Pisces. These will be receiving special invitations to this Full Moon event.

1920px-Mandel_zoom_11_satellite_double_spiralNotice what comes up for you around the Full Moon. If there are moments of, say, frustration at the inability to control something, what is that something? Why is it important to control? Can you widen out, open up, to get a bigger perspective?

If there are times of intense creative inspiration, can you find ways to anchor those ideas into something real you can refine later? If deep intuitions emerge, can you record them in some tangible form for later exploration? And if fear shows up in some way, can you become aware of what it’s about without letting it drag you in too deeply?

Because Virgo is quiet and tends to often-overlooked details, we forget her strength. Virgo is a healer. She is deeply connected to the Earth, and helps us connect with our own bodies. This Full Moon might bring up a strong desire to get things done, to fix stuff. That’s fine. Just allow for being deflected by the dreamy, amorphous, beautiful cosmos and don’t judge yourself harshly for staring out the window at the sunset. In other words, go with the flow in good ways.

There’s more happening at this Full Moon to increase the pressure. Pluto and Uranus continue holding on to their square, only a degree apart from exact. This keeps us in a place of unexpected, major change. Squaring each other, they also form 135 degree angles to the Moon. This triangle (called Thor’s Hammer) with the Moon at its apex asks the Virgo Moon to find a way to balance these two tough energies. A big job! But Virgo has mad skills many don’t suspect. As an Earth-based healer, she has the magic of weavers, spinners, and gardeners in her fingers. If we can avoid totally flipping out, this Moon can find a way.

Red-ShoesThere’s an opposition between Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo, who are close to the karmic Nodes of the Moon also in Pisces and Virgo. (Yes, this is a theme.) Although oppositions can be challenging, they also illuminate––just like Full Moons. I see the Jupiter–Chiron connection as another boost to the healing magic the Virgo Moon can offer. Chiron connects to the healing energy of the cosmos and channels it Jupiter, who expands it. We are meant to find a way through our dilemmas. It won’t be obvious in the Piscean fog, but there is a path.

This Full Moon is like a small, perfect jewel (the Virgo Moon) set in an interlaced web of cosmic beauty. All three of the strong outer planet messengers, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, pour their energy into the Moon. So does the Sun, and the Sun is our star, the most powerful source of energy we have. What lights up for us during this Full Moon is worth noting, remembering, and cherishing.

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  1. annabelle ambrosio

    Interesting. I am a Virgo and found a couple deceiving things this a.m. I suspect the work of Neptune. I feel a pull between things I want to do and things I have to do right now.

    • RisingMoon

      Sounds like this Full Moon has arrived for you. With all the Neptune, probably best to be sure the deceit itself is real before responding, but definitely pay attention. This is a “things I have to do right now” day for me too, with my 0 degrees Virgo Moon right in the middle of this one!

      • Amy C

        Thanks, Rising Moon. I also have a 0 degrees Virgo moon – and a Pisces sun. I was born under this particular full moon. I feel awash in apathy right now with lots to do.