Full Moon in Scorpio: Holding Infinity in Our Palms

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AsakoEguchiMoonTonight, Full Moon, Scorpio, Beltaine. That’s it in a nutshell. Inside that nutshell is all the cosmos: heaven, earth, and faerie too.

Full Moons bring illumination. We’re still reeling from all that has happened, and continues to happen, as if a great gong has been struck and the echoes still shake us. This Moon, with its Scorpionic power to illuminate the dark, will help show us what has shifted for us and how we are responding. This Full Moon has the power to illuminate top to bottom, around corners, in closets, under beds.

Yes, the Pluto–Uranus square as passed. This Full Moon puts us on notice that the transformational energies are still here, resounding like a gong. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, sextiles the Moon and trines the Sun, easing us into more renewal, or perhaps showing us what we’ve already transformed into.

Uranus in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars who is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, makes a pushy, edgy inconjunct with the Moon, as if to say, ‘Hey, you got something to say? Say it! Say it straight, and out loud!’ Jupiter in fierce and fiery Leo squares both Sun and Moon, echoing the Uranus push. Jupiter makes everything bigger, and Leo makes everything bigger, so Jupiter in Leo supersizes all of it.

Full Moon May 3, 2015This Full Moon could bring (may already BE bringing) intense drama, so pay attention to how you’re feeling, how other people are reacting, and the energies all around. Watch where and how and who: This is part of the Full Moon message. Choose carefully how and when you escalate, and be aware that we could all find ourselves saying more than we meant to, in a more heated way.

This Moon could make us all want to let it all hang out, and a more insightful way to channel that energy could be to go all Scorpio with it: Step back, watch carefully, and take it all in, deep inside. And yes, you can avoid the Scorpio tendency toward sneaky retaliation by remembering that what goes around, comes around. Karma can be a real bitch.

With the Sun in grounded, sensual Taurus and the Moon in psychically attuned, cosmically aware Scorpio, deep connections can happen. Blake’s idea of seeing the world in a grain of sand, heaven in a wildflower, holding eternity in our palms … these experiences fit this Moon. Our bodies are our homes, our tuning forks, our ground. Don’t assume that Scorpio is only about the psyche, only about what is invisible and ineffable––Scorpio knows the body holds all our memories, in our muscles, in our bones, in our skin.

Beltaine May 5, 2015We’re also in the time of Beltaine. Traditionally celebrated on May Eve and May Day, the astrological moment of Beltaine falls this year on May 5, when the Sun reaches 15 Taurus. So this powerful Full Moon arrives right in the midst of the celebration of a great turning of the year, when the veils between the worlds are thin.

At the Full Moon, magical Neptune trines the Moon and sextiles the Sun, inviting us all into realms strange and wonderful, and swirling mists around possible consequences. This is another reason to pay attention at the Full Moon, and avoid diving head first into whatever dramatic and mysterious thing shows up.

By Beltaine, we see the Moon in Sagittarius, sitting right there with Saturn (who is all about boundaries and consequences), squaring Neptune. Yes, magical realms are tempting and wonderful and I would never tell anyone to avoid them completely … but do be sure you know how to keep the doors open, and how to find the way back.

As we move into the waning Moon cycle that follows, we’ll have more time to unravel what we learn now. If there is a way to take snapshots of the psyche, do that. Journaling, poems, dreams, images––nothing too involved or detailed right now, just capture the main idea, image feeling. Get the insight when is shows up, knowing you can work on figuring it all out afterward.

Put yourself in the presence of magic, in ways that are safe. Scorpio and Taurus combine to bring intense connection. In dreams and journeys, let trusted guides show you new things. Magic is afoot.