Full Moon in Sagittarius: What Counts? How Do We Know?

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Full Moon June 2, 2015The Full Moon in Sagittarius is upon us, arriving in just an hour. Those who had clear skies last night would have seen the Moon at her closet to full; she will be looking quite full tonight as well.

Sagittarius is one of the mutable, transitional, changeable signs, along with Gemini, which is where the Sun, Mercury and Mars sit opposite this Full Sag Moon, and also Pisces, where Neptune sits squaring both Sun and Moon. Yes, this Full Moon is a T-square, and is all about change: shifts in focus, shifts in perception.

Sagittarius is known as a fun-loving sign, optimistic, generous, welcoming, ready to explore new ideas, place and people. This is the sign of higher learning, foreign travel, and diving deep. Sag is also the sign of the lawyer, the professor, and the publisher, so, there can be a tendency to feel we known it all, in this sign, and a readiness to explain it all to everyone around us, exhaustively, in minute detail.

blahGemini is also light-hearted (and sometimes light-fingered!), but in a different way. Where Sag dives deep, Gemini dances across the surface. Where Sag wants to master a particular area of knowledge, developing a deep understanding, Gemini grabs many different ideas and insights and creates something new with them: synthesis and innovation are Gemini hallmarks.

Pisces brings in a very different note, and a strong one, since the energy is carried by Neptune, queen of the oceans and ruler of her depths. (Yes, Neptune is a guy in classical mythology but ocean deities are often women, amazing strong, deeply insightful women, and for me, Neptune carries that.) Neptune in Pisces asks us to question everything, look deeper still, and trust out intuitions. It’s not all about the mind, there are more subtle areas of perception and understanding.

So, this being a mutable bunch, I can see different ways this could play out here.

If this very Gemini time has been bright and superficial for you, as you ignore Mercury retrograde and party on, this Sag Full Moon could bring a shift that will illuminate what’s really going on with that. Both Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and Neptune-ruled Pisces offer the enticement of excess. With Jupiter in Leo in a 5-degree trine to the Moon (pouring in more Jupiter energy), this Full Moon could bring it on in a way that could take us to the edge. The edge of what will depend on what we’ve been doing.

deepIf this Gemini time has been one of exploring new ideas, with at least some reflection brought in via the retrograde, then this Full Moon could illuminate what’s really important. Suddenly, one path lights up and we are pulled into a deeper exploration of whatever that is. Other choices that looked inviting may fall away, or just seem less attractive. Now, we know what we want.

The question at this Full Moon is, are we drifting, getting pulled into things because they look shiny, without looking carefully at where the current is taking us? Or we are questing, seeking out new information and ideas, tasting but also testing, listening to the wisdom of the ages and our inner voices to guide us?

pathOf course, it could be a little of both. Maybe we’re drifting in some areas of our lives, and questing in others. Maybe we meant to quest, and let things get a little drift. Maybe we’ve been drifting and now we see a quest emerging––something is calling to us.

So, check out where this Full Moon falls in your chart. The Moon is at 11 Sagittarius, and the Sun at 11 Gemini, with Mercury Rx at 7 Gemini and Mars at 15 Gemini. Neptune’s squares comes from 9 Pisces.

Anything in our charts from 6 through 16 degrees or so will be affected, with anything in the mutable signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo) feeling it the strongest. Look also at which house the Full Moon falls in, and where the Sun–Mercury–Mars is, and Neptune. These areas of life will be affected most.

With Pluto inconjunct the Sun–Mercury–Mars group, and Saturn clinging to the leading edge of Sagittarius before slipping back into Scorpio for a while, this Full Moon has consequences. The choices we make now are not just about “one more night” or letting things slide for a few more days. Have fun, be generous and optimistic, be happy … we can be all those things without being foolish or blind. Choose the good kind of happy.