Full Moon in Leo: Wild Extravagance

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Leo!The Full Moon in Leo will ignite tomorrow evening (just after 6 pm EST) with a brightness not often seen. Full Moons bring illumination and this time, the Klieg lights will all be turned to 11.

Leo is never shy, and this Moon will be the focal point of almost too many aspect patterns to list. Opposite the Sun (of course), the focus of a yod involving Chiron and Pluto, part of a Grand Trine in Fire with Uranus, the South Node and the asteroid Pallas Athena, which creates also a kite pattern. Mars is leaning into the yod too, and Jupiter is conjunct the Moon and part of it all. You see what I mean?

What Leo wants, Leo gets … so, what will this Full Moon ask of us?

Extravagance! The extravagance of the heart, something creative and passionate. No lights under bushels for this Full Moon. Someone’s likely to kick over the basket and let that light shine.

Extravagance comes to us from the French (no surprise there, right?) and did not always mean ‘wasteful’ –– The word literally means ‘outside the boundaries’ and that’s what this Full Moon will do, push us beyond.

We’ve been on a transformational express train for a while now––for some of us, it’s been years! The trip has not been easy. There were those deserts, and the ice, and the volcano, and then the train stalled and the food ran low. Honest, it was like that.

This Full Moon can, if we let it, show us the up side of climbing into the chrysalis and letting our old selves melt.

What is that thing you are hiding inside your heart that seems too tender to share? What are those words you long to say that feel too risky? If you could be anyone, do anything, what would that be?

I am thinking about Brené Brown and her writing about vulnerability and authenticity. She writes about how we can live more fulfilled and richer lives if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to show our weaknesses. She also writes about the arena, about going back in again and again to reach our goals, fulfill our purpose, even when we got thrown the last time.

Full Moon February 3This Leo Full Moon can, if we allow it, show us that our vulnerability––what we think of as weakness––is actually a source of tremendous strength. When someone steps into the spotlight, alone on the stage, to share who he is, who she is, really, honestly, amazing things happen.

Most of us will never be on stage in a spotlight. How often, though, do the ordinary spaces of our lives feel like that? Even when we’re alone, it can feel like the world is watching––and, of course, judging. Giving us, oh, maybe, 3 out of 10 for our morning yoga or 2 out of 10 for the mess in the garage.

Showing up in our own lives can feel like the hardest thing we’ll ever do. Embracing who we are and sharing that. Realizing we are changing, and sharing that. Realizing other people in our lives are changing, and embracing that too.

This Full Moon invites us to dance in the rain, dance like no one is watching, and love it. There is a deep release in saying ‘yes,’ in welcoming what Zorba called the full catastrophe. This Full Moon calls us to say yes to life, and love it, all of it, and know that strength and healing are there in that welcoming acceptance. We can see the big picture and still sing our own song. In fact, the big picture won’t be complete without us in it.