Full Moon in Gemini: Touchpoint

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Voyage of Brendan © Jan Delyth
Voyage of Brendan © Jan Delyth

Whether we can see it or not (and I cannot, as the sky is packed thick with grey cloud this morning), we are IN it: the Full Moon in Gemini has arrived with all its bright and shiny.

Gemini, of course, loves bright and shiny, which is good, because this Full Moon comes with not one, but two Grand Trines in Fire. Energy, we got. The key question is, what are we gonna do with it?

Sun, Mercury and Ceres are brightly lit in mid-Sagittarius, Juno burns away in mid-Leo, and Uranus and the South Node light up mid-Aries. The Moon is holding her own in mid-Gemini, placing her at the apex of a Grand Trine Kite, doing her juggling act keeping all these torches in the air. Then we have Venus at 24 Sag, Jupiter at 22 Leo, and Eris at 22 Aries. Enough Fire to burn away any fog or cloud, and possible large swaths of the countryside as well.

If that weren’t enough, the North Node trines the Gemini Moon, Pluto is inconjunct the Moon, and Chiron, well, Chiron the wounded healer is squaring Moon and Sun–Merc–Ceres, bringing in some challenge.

Things are coming to a point, which is what Full Moons are about anyway: illumination. The brilliant beacons lit around this Full Moon will make some things inescapable. Themes for this Full Moon include communication, movement, transformation, and optimism. That last one, optimism, might feel like a stretch, given what we’re facing in the world and in our lives, but it’s there nonetheless. Gemini can’t stay down for long, Sagittarius is the eternal optimist, and if Chiron reminds us of old wounds, he also holds the healing balm in his hand.

We’re at a touchpoint.

In the world of commerce, a touchpoint is any contact between buyer and seller. Hermes, ruler of Gemini, is lord of markets, crossroads, transactions of all kinds. He’s a trickster, so watch for sleight of hand, but he’ll keep you laughing while he picks your pockets. Margaret Gray, writing for The Cosmic Intelligence Agency, emphasizes the importance of integrity and honesty. Elaine Kalantarian at Blue Moon Astrology calls on us to invoke the angels of our better natures. But it’s important to remember that these are choices. Hermes is just as likely to scam us, telling us exactly what we want to hear, to get what he wants.

So with this Full Moon, we want to see where the trickster energy is hiding: Are we fooling ourselves? Pulling the wool over our own eyes? Are we so stuck in our own story (A Sagittarian failing at times) that we can’t see what’s really happening? Are we, possibly, taking advantage of others? Or … are we looking away from places where we are being fooled? Where others are giving with one hand and taking away with the other?

In the broader sense, a touchpoint is, according to the Oxford Dictionary online, “A time, condition, or circumstance that is vulnerable or unstable enough to precipitate a highly unfavorable, possibly devastating outcome.” And, yes, we’re in one. We are approaching a whole series of touchpoints, including a Mercury–Sun conjunction, a Pluto–Uranus square, and the Solstice, that put us in the crucible, while the cosmic alchemist turns up the flame.

butterflyLet’s look back a moment at that definition. Does it have to emphasize unfavorability and devastation? No! Let’s recognize that vulnerability is––can be––a good thing. In this world, the concept of invulnerability is a dangerous mirage, keeping our heads in the sand. Instability is opportunity, something we can embrace, something we can celebrate. This is Gemini’s story, and I’m sticking to it!

There is so much energy flowing now. Choose a fiery image, a blazing metaphor, that works for you: We’re riding on the wings of dragons, surfing along waves of cosmic energy, travelers through time and space lighting beacons for those who will follow. This is a time to choose what we want our legacy to be, how we want to be remembered.

Some of the ancient Irish tales are immrama, or journey tales. Today’s image was created by Jan Delyth, about the journey we’re all on. She says about this piece, “the Journey is the movement into the unknown.” This is where we find who we are.

One way the Irish say “hello” is to ask “What’s the story?” … sometimes it’s just, “story?” We’re in a magnificent story now. Time to look around, see which play we’re in, which stage we’re on, and what role we’ve got. If you don’t like it, change it! But first, check out the landscape. Who’s in your party? What’s happening? This Full Moon has the wattage to show us, fer real.