Full Moon in Aquarius: The Vision Thing

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IMG_2313Tomorrow morning, the Full Moon in Aquarius arrives (which means it will look most full in tonight’s sky). Aquarius is Fixed Air, energy that is cerebral, cool, certain, clear, and far-reaching. The Sun, opposite the Moon, sits in Leo, feeling passionate, personal, expressive, and hot.

This is Leo season, high summer, and the Sun loves it. With Mercury and Jupiter also in Leo, there’s been lots of Fire around. Very creative, Leo, but also drama and high emotion, volatility. With all the Water in recent months too, we’ve been feeling ALL the feels, sometimes overwhelmed with everything coming at and through us.

Emotion is communication, a vitally important source of information often overlooked as we try to suppress it and put on our “nice” face. Yet, emotion is hard to get a handle on, get the big picture, see the forest for all those flaming trees.

Welcome the Full Aquarius Moon! Full Moons illuminate. Aquarius is the sign of visions and visionaries. At this Full Moon, we’re going to see something big, much more clearly than we have before.

Full Moon July 31, 2015Our Full Moon vision may not be the one we’re hoping for. It may not be easy. It will bring clarity, almost crystalline. It will be beautiful, probably not pretty.

This Full Moon falls at almost-8 degrees of Aquarius and Leo. Anything in our charts in and around 8 degrees will be in the spotlight, especially anything in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) or in Air (add Gemini and Libra) or Fire (toss in Aries and Sagittarius). Check also the Houses across which this Full Moon falls: One House for the Moon, opposite House for the Sun.

We may reach a tipping point at this Full Moon. Something we’ve been stewing about, worrying over like a dog with a bone, will come clear, everything else falling away. We’ll know what needs to happen, and may find ourselves taking action on that almost before we’ve consciously realized it. For some, this could already be happening.

The moment-of-truth feel to this Full Moon is not only due to the Full Moon itself. There’s a strong square between Saturn, lord of boundaries, karma and hard work, and Jupiter, lord of good luck, grace, and expansion. They’re also in fixed signs: Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio. This is the strongest aspect pattern for the rest of 2015, and will have a variety of effects having to do with the themes of each planet in these signs. The overall impact will be to focus us in on what we need to do (Saturn) to get what we want (Jupiter).

Venus is also a major influence now, and for some time to come. She’s retrograde, so we’re revisiting our relationships, our values, and our creative lives. Things may not seem to be going forward in these areas in the coming weeks, but there’s a lot going on under the surface. Let things unfold, don’t force them.

Venus is also strongly aspected in the Jupiter–Saturn squares, meaning that relationships, values, creativity will come in for testing and reevaluation as that challenge goes forward into 2016.

So, this Full Moon: Illumination happens, we see something clearly we were either missing outright or not wanting to look at. This something is important and the shift has consequences. But with Venus retrograde, and Jupiter and Saturn squaring off, this is not a time for forward planning. A paradox? Not really.

manbinocsWhat’s key is to keep looking. Don’t flinch, don’t look away, don’t pretend you’re not seeing what’s in front of you. Take actions that flow organically from that vision, the kind of action that happens when we’re at the door before we realized we’ve heard someone cry out.

The trick is not to force action. If planning, preparation, decisions are required and not immediately clear, give them time. More will be revealed.

Re-reading what I’ve written, I’m wondering if it’s sounding dire, as if we’re going to see something we really don’t like and have to face. While that could happen for some, it’s really not what I mean. This Full Moon’s illumination may feel inevitable, and also wonderful.

If you have a creative project, a daring life decision, a dream you haven’t quite been able to embrace, this Full Moon could bring the clarity that tears down all barriers. We suddenly see that all those reasons to travel the world are nonsense and we’re ready to go. We realize the “I don’t have time” reasons for not writing our novel are excuses.

You see what I mean? Even those wonderful visions are scary when we reach that level of insight. Uranus rules this Full Moon. He’s the revolutionary currently traveling through pioneering Aries. He’s saying, why not? Why the hell not?